The transition from Universal Analytics to Google Analytics 4 is not a new concept for marketers, we have been aware of the July deadline for quite awhile now. However, Google just announced its latest update regarding the transition. In March, if users have not yet created a Google Analytics 4 property with basic settings, Google will create the GA4 property for you. 

Here are the Details:

IF: You already set up GA4 AND it’s connected to your GA Universal account, it is recommended you should still choose the “Opt Out” setting, regardless of Google saying you do not need to do anything. 

IF: You already set up GA4 and it’s NOT connected to your GA Universal account, you MUST opt out OR Google will create a new GA4 property that you have no intent to use AND you should go in and connect your GA4 property with your GA Universal account. 

IF: you have NOT created a GA4 property yet, but have intentions to do so, you should OPT OUT to ensure you properly transfer your data the way you want. 

IF: you’ve NOT created a GA4 property, and aren’t planning to do one on your own, it’s fine if you let Google do this. HOWEVER, understand the following:

  • It will be a very basic transition.
  • You’ll still need to address Account and Property settings and ensure your data was transferred correctly.
  • You will also need to validate the connection to your Google Ads account and make sure it connects to the correct one.
  • There will be potential for “Garbage In Garbage Out” meaning if your Google Analytics Property is unorganized and filled with junk, your GA4 Property will be too. 
  • Many Properties have conversion tracking issues in Universal Analytics, unbeknownst to users. If the conversion isn’t correct in Universal, it won’t be in GA4 either. 
  • Some of the GA4 Enhanced Measurement settings may need some configuration, which you can read more about here.

Bottom Line

If you’ve successfully already implemented GA4, opt out to ensure you don’t end up with Properties you don’t need. If you have not yet implemented GA4, it’s perfectly fine to allow Google to set this up for you, but be aware there will still be manual work to be completed to get the full value out of GA4. If you have more questions or need assistance with GA4, check out our GA4 resource page here.