Search Engine Optimization

Increase Traffic By Optimizing For The Searches That Matter

Google processes about 70K searches a second. Are you showing up for the people who are looking for businesses like yours?

  • What is SEO?

    The practice of increasing traffic to a website by increasing visibility in non-paid search engine results. Primarily on Google (the most widely used search engine in the world). To connect people to businesses and resources that help us live better lives.

  • Why Do You Need SEO?

    • Google is constantly transforming the search experience: It takes work to maintain traffic to your site—much less grow it.
    • It’s getting harder and harder to get the click from search results: More Ads + More SERP Features = Fewer Non-Paid Listing Clicks
    • But Organic still gets 10x more clicks than Paid: Let it be known… SEO is not dead.
    • This makes Share of Page more important than Rankings: Integrating SEO into your digital strategy helps maximize Share of Page.

  • How Google Works

    • Google uses an algorithm to rank pages. This algorithm includes: 200+ individual ranking factors, Hundreds of updates a year, All with the goal to improve search experience.
    • Google uses machine learning to improve search results. This means it is constantly learning and adjusting based on user behavior… so we need to do the same!

What Are We Optimizing?

To make gains in Google's non-paid results, we help you cover these four areas as best you can:


Mobile friendliness, structured data markup, crawlability, and more.


All on-page content, meta data, SERP features, and more.

Expertise, Authority, Trust

Brand authority, keyword association, reviews, and more.

Links & Social

External links, local links, and social media mentions.

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