Choosing the keywords to target on a page can be challenging. In an enterprise setting, it can be even more complex because you’re juggling:

  • Multiple business units or product teams (sometimes with unique goals)
  • Staff with differing levels of digital knowledge
  • Legacy web content

All of the above factor into what content has the best chance at ranking organically. So how do you choose?

When deciding if a certain keyword is the right target for a particular page, ask these five questions:

1. Does this keyword fit the main theme?

Ask yourself…

  • Does the keyword compliment or match the overarching theme of the page?
  • Is the keyword – or a close variant – used on the page?
  • Can the keyword be added to the page while maintaining the overall theme of the page?

2. Is this word used by my audience?

Ask yourself…

  • Have you heard prospects or customers using this term?
  • Is there a significant number of searches for this term?
  • Has the term previously driven qualified traffic?

3. Does this term match user intent?

Ask yourself…

  • If someone searches for this term, then lands on your page, would the page provide what they are looking for?
  • Can the content be revised to meet what the searcher is looking for while maintaining the overall theme of the page?

4. Does it overlap with existing content?

Ask yourself…

  • Is this term being targeted on another page of the website?
  • Does this term better support content on another page?
  • Does another page already rank for this keyword in search results?

5. Is this actually a new content theme?

Ask yourself…

  • Is there significant unique information to warrant a new page?
  • Is this topic already covered on another page of the site?

To help you remember, we’ve put together a handy infographic!

Infographic - 5 Steps to Choosing the Right Words for Effective SEO

So the next time you wonder, “Should I target this keyword?” walk through these questions. Even with minimal SEO experience, you’ll be able to pick keywords with the best chance for organic search success.

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