After attending Hero Conf 2015 in Portland and returning with a large list of actionable PPC strategies for our accounts, we have decided to return in 2016. I, along with two other NordicClick employees will be heading to Philadelphia, April 25-27 to take in the birthplace of America and the world’s largest all PPC conference.  Here is what we are looking forward to the most:

New Advanced Track & Learn with Google Sessions

Hero Conf has added two brand new tracks to the schedule, the Hero Conf Advanced Track and the Learn with Google Classroom.

The advanced track sessions will provide a single speaker session with expert-level materials on specific PPC topics, such as International PPC, Attribution Model for the Modern Consumer and Social PPC. While the Learn with Google Classroom will feature Google experts sharing their latest tactics and tips regarding Automation in Adwords, Capturing and Counting All Conversions and Account Structures and Restructures.

Wide Variety of PPC Focused Content

As Hero Conf is soley devoted to PPC, it allows for a wide array of specific PPC topics to be covered, as they host 50+ speakers, 36 breakout session and 4 keynotes. From ecommerce to lead nurturing to social, it is hard to find a relevant PPC topic or strategies that will not be addressed. This offers the opportunity to come away with actionable takeaways for all of our client accounts.

We are especially excited to hear from our fellow Minnesotan James Svoboda, as he reviews a landing page in real-time, along with expanding our knowledge of International PPC by attending the advanced breakout session by Katy Tonkin.

Location! Philadelphia

We are excited to take in all of the history the City of Brotherly Love has to offer. From the Liberty Bell to running the Rocky Steps to touring the Eastern State Penitentiary, there will be no shortage of sites to visit and explore. Also, eating a Philly Cheesesteak has been added to our must-dos.


There is no shortage of networking opportunities to connect with fellow PPC colleagues at Hero Conf, as they host 10 unique networking receptions within the 2.5 days of the conference. One reason we love Hero Conf is the focus on sharing the local culture of the city with their guest, whether it is catering in local foods or hosting events at unique locations. Last year did not disappoint and we are looking forward to the events Hero Conf 2016 has in store for us!

See you soon, Philly.


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