Whether you’re a brand who jumps at the chance to test out the latest ad format or cringe when you hear about another update, Pinterest Quiz Ads should be added to your list. First introduced on Pinterest in September 2023, this ad format is still new but has already proven its worth with quality results for our e-commerce clients.

What are Pinterest Quiz Ads?

Quiz ads are a fun and interactive way to engage with your audience on Pinterest with the goal of helping move your audience down the funnel, from discovery to decision. By crafting customized recommendations, to easy and fun questions, Quiz ads work well for product discovery and recommendations. 

How can Quiz Ads help my small business?

If your target audience is on Pinterest and you’re struggling to increase your brand awareness or get them to engage with your brand, this new ad type could help. Why?

People like to know things about themselves and we all love a quick quiz that promises to reveal something new to us. In my experience, Quiz ads work best if you have a product/content/service that helps solve a user’s problem. 

When brainstorming ideas for your quiz, 

  • Think through the pain points of your core customers. What is a top pain point that your product/content/service solves?
  • Work backwards. Building out your results first will make it easier to map out the logic when writing questions and answers.

For example:

  • A brand that sells food products could create a quiz ad to solve the problem of “What should I make for dinner?”
  • A travel company could create a quiz ad to solve the problem of “Where should I go on my next vacation?” 

What do I need to make a Quiz Ad?

A Quiz ad consists of a title pin, 2 to 3 questions with 2 to 3 answer options and an image + text for the final 2 to 3 responses. These final responses can then drive the user to your website. 

Title Pin

Utitlize a high-quality (2:3 ratio) image with bold branding to capture attention. This visual will remain constant throughout the quiz experience.

Quiz Questions

Each Quiz features 2 or 3 questions and each question has 2 or 3 text answers. The number of answer options must be consistent across all questions. 

Quiz Results

Each Quiz produces up to 3 results. Each result features an image + text and an outbound link to learn more. 

Performance we’ve seen from Quiz Ads

NordicClick tested this ad format for our clients in Q4 2023 with very promising results. When comparing the data from three different quiz ads run in Q4 2023, the average CTR and CPC significantly outperform the Pinterest Industry Benchmarks for this client’s vertical.

We also saw an average Quiz Completion Rate of 87% which is a strong indicator that users are finding a quiz useful. 

 Click-through rate (CTR)Cost-per-click (CPC)
Industry Benchmark0.24%$2.20
NordicClick Quiz Ads 1.77%$0.75
Q4 2023 Quiz Ad Performance compared to Pinterest Industry Benchmark

In summary, quiz ads are a fun and engaging way to interact with your audience and are unique to the Pinterest platform. If your audience is spending time on Pinterest and your brand’s product or service could solve a common pain point, I would definitely recommend giving this ad format a try!

Need help getting started with Pinterest Quiz Ads? NordicClick can help!