Paid Media

Increase and capture demand with visibility in search engines.

A holistic paid media strategy taps into the strengths of each ad network and ad type. Maximize your real estate in the mind of your audience with a paid strategy built on Search, Display, Remarketing, and Video.

  • Benefits of Paid Media

    • Capture Search Demand: Drive high-intent traffic to your website to engage with your business.
    • Own the Conversion Path: Beat the competition with a high-quality ad in top-of-page position.
    • Control the Search Experience: Send searchers to high-value content destinations you choose to best answer what they’re looking for.
    • Target Your Audience: Create persona’s to target your customer demographics. Customer needs and expectations are changing and you need to be in the right place at the right time.

  • How It Works

    • Drive awareness and brand visibility through Video & Display ads
    • Generate consideration and interest of product/service with Text-Based Search Ads & Product Listing (Shopping) Ads
    • Own the top position, messaging and pathway into website from active branded and high-intent searches with Search Ads
    • Build loyalty and advocacy with Remarketing ads

Paid Media Services

Campaign Management

From proper setup to managing & optimizing your campaign performance throughout.

Ad Creation

We create ad copy & creative that both stops & connects with your audience.

Paid Strategy

Based on your core customer, benchmark data, industry, and competitor findings, we’ll recommend the best platforms, budget, and keyword and audience approach to achieve your business goals.

Audience Creation

You know your audience, we know how to target them and on which platforms.


Are your social ads really reaching your goals? Let our in-depth analysis clear up any confusion.

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