Content Marketing

Reach Your Audience With The Right Content At The Right Time

Done right, content marketing connects your brand with decision-makers by providing useful information to help them along the customer journey.

  • What is Content Marketing?

    Creating and delivering the right content, to the right people, in the right format, at the right times along the customer journey. Your customer is the hero, and they are on a mission. Content marketing is about being their guide on the mission, helping them achieve what they’re after.

    The Goal: Give your audience content so good, so relevant, so inspiring, so timely, so helpful that they fall in love with your brand.

  • Why Does Great Content Matter?

    • People are rational: Rarely do we make decisions on a whim. Content marketing helps you make numerous, crucial connections with your customer along their journey.
    • People are relational: We buy from businesses we feel connected to. Content marketing helps you forge a lasting bond with your customer pre- and post-conversion.
    • People are self-centered: We care about meeting our own needs. Content marketing helps you meet your customer where they are at—not the other way around.

  • Benefits of Content Marketing

    • Increase Website Traffic: Attention-grabbing blogs, videos, eBooks and emails shared effectively send people straight to your website.
    • Establish Authority & Build Trust: Proving your helpfulness keeps your audience coming back for more.
    • Improve Lead Gen: Better informed leads are better quality leads.
    • Retain Customers: Acquiring a new customer can cost 5X more than retaining one.
    • Enhance SEO Efforts: Links and authoritative content around priority keyword themes boost performance in the SERPs.
    • Gain Social Traction: Great content shared effectively generates buzz among the right people, helping you boost engagement & following.
    • Stay Connected & Top-of-Mind: Sharing content in a variety of formats and channels creates valuable touchpoints with your audience over time.
    • Understand Your Audience Better: Evaluate how your content performs to see what your audience cares about. Adjust based on what you learn.

Content Services

Content Strategy

Set the vision, goals, audience, voice and style, ideation, and guidelines for content creation and management.

Keyword Strategy

Research and assign relevant keywords to the different pages on a website for on-page SEO.

Content Calendar

Develop a written schedule of when and where to publish upcoming content for maximum results.

Topic Research

Research key phrases and questions to develop relevant content topics.

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