Affiliate Marketing

Tap Into A Virtual Salesforce To Reach Customers Ready To Buy

Affiliate marketing is a low-risk form of pay-for-performance marketing. Drive incremental awareness and conversions among new, qualified audiences – and only pay for conversions (not impressions or clicks).

  • Why Affiliate Marketing?

    • Low-Risk: With performance-based marketing, you only pay when a sale is made.
    • Cash Flow Friendly: Earn passive income at a low cost and a high return.
    • Increase Brand Awareness: Boost brand visibility to a relevant set of potential customers.
    • Build a virtual sales team: Manage a team of affiliates from a single platform and drive new sales without hiring.

  • How Affiliate Marketing Works

    • In a Nutshell, an affiliate media partner (typically a blog or coupon site) advertises on your behalf in exchange for a % of the sales made.
    • Commissions are a percentage agreed upon at the start of your partnership. These are up to your discretion and automatically billed through the platform.
    • Tracking works by using a unique tracking pixel for each affiliate. This allows you to track which of your customers came from their website.

  • Examples

    With affiliate marketing, you can promote your products and services on a variety of brand-relevant sites where your potential customers are spending time online. Consumers enjoy a seamless experience and you only pay when they buy.

    Common affiliate site examples include: Coupon sites, Influencer blogs, Media networks, and Review sites.

  • Affiliate Marketing Networks

    • What’s an Affiliate Network? A platform that connects brands to websites and influencers interested in promoting relevant brands to their audience.
    • How Do I Know Which Network Is Best? Each network connects your brand to pre-approved affiliate websites. The right network for you will offer affiliates that complement your brand’s products & services.

Affiliate Services

Creative Services

Develop brand and promotional messaging through display and copy.


Clear and consistent messaging with affiliate base.

Brand Protection

Ensure that your brand is protected online.


Find and recruit new affiliates in and outside of the network.

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