Case Study: Video Ads + Computer Graphics Software Company

Creating awareness and driving new customer acquisition with paid video ads

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Our client, a leading computer graphics software company, tasked NordicClick with creating awareness and driving new customer acquisition for their national, new-to-market product launch with the inherent challenge of having minimal brand recognition within the U.S. market.

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To address the overall lack of awareness and begin raising visibility, we created a YouTube video ad strategy targeting highly qualified in-market audiences via bumper and in-stream ads.

By targeting a relevant but expansive audience on YouTube and the Display Network, we intended to reach a new prospect base to educate them about the software and ultimately increase branded search demand.

With the increased interest, we anticipated prospects performing a search for more information about the software where we would then engage them via strategic paid search ads driving to the website with a free demo offer.

Once on the site and a demo download completed, we captured the prospect’s email address to begin the lead-nurturing process via an educational email drip campaign. Additionally, we used targeted remarketing ads to those who downloaded the demo – with the end goal being to ultimately entice them to purchase and become highly valuable lifetime customers.

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As a result, we were able to serve nearly one million viewable impressions to an engaged audience. Over half of these users did not decide to skip our in-stream ad and 20% watched the ad in its entirety. Of those who went on to reach the website, we reported an above-average conversion rate of just under 2% of people completing the demo signup, creating hundreds of new users for our client. Additionally, our cost-per-lead (CPL) was well below the product cost resulting in both an immediate return and a significant projected future return based on our client’s estimated customer lifetime value.

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