Case Study: Affiliate Marketing + Men’s Fashion Retailer

With pressure from investors to increase revenue by 20%, this retailer found success with pay for performance marketing

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Compelled by investors to grow eCommerce revenue by 20% in 2015, a national men’s fashion company needed to implement new digital strategies to meet revenue expectations while maintaining an ROI above 10:1. This client turned to us to find new avenues for online revenue growth.

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To accomplish this, we tapped into affiliate marketing. Our core strategy was to offer top publishers a preferred tier insertion order. This would reward top affiliate partners for their efforts with superior commission to help the brand combat an ever-expanding competitive landscape.

By focusing on the needs of our top 20% affiliate partners, we were able to secure additional placements, increase exposure on highly visited eCommerce sites, reach new audiences and, most importantly, grow eCommerce revenue through the affiliate pay-for-performance business model.

In addition to the tiered affiliate structure, we worked with our client and our affiliate network reps to improve other areas of our affiliate strategy in the following ways:

  • Actively expanded our affiliate list through personalized emails
  • Continued extensive review of applications to our programs (Passive Affiliate Recruitment)
  • Increased communication with publishers – both non-promotional & promotional
  • Analyzed affiliate specific reporting to identify trends
  • Purchased promotional media buys in order to reach new audiences
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Launching preferred affiliate tiers and supporting the strategy with the other actions listed above, our client was able to grow affiliate revenue 31%. ROI remained above 10 in 2015, boosting the client’s bottom line and satisfying stakeholders.

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