Case Study: Paid Search + Wealth Management Firm

A strategic shift to high-intent searchers helped this wealth management firm earn 84% more leads at a 31% lower cost

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For nearly two years, this leading Wealth Management firm had been spending 45% of their paid search budget on awareness campaigns, 45% on intent-based search campaigns, and 10% on remarketing efforts. In analyzing their performance data, we learned the leads captured from intent-based ads on the Search Network were most likely to turn into customers.

Naturally, the client’s reaction to this discovery was to shift more budget to the campaigns more valuable to their end goal. Our new objective was to increase spend on the intent-based Search Network only campaigns to 65% of the budget, while maintaining a cost per lead below $125.



To spend more without hurting conversion rates, we took a look at each campaign to optimize for increased reach as well as increased potential for conversions. We aimed to improve overall ad rank to increase the number of times our ad was seen (impressions), thus boosting the likelihood of conversion. To do this, we:

  • Identified any campaigns that were losing impression share due to low ad rank.
  • Analyzed keyword groupings and quality scores.
  • Updated keyword groupings to create smaller, more specific ad groups with matching ad copy and landing pages.
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These optimizations to boost visibility in key campaigns by improving relevancy drove dramatic improvements in the second half of the year. Our client saw the following results:

Ad Spend +25%

Cost per Lead -31%

Leads +84%

Conversion Rate +76%

Paid Search Conversion Growth Chart
Paid Search Cost Per Conversion Decrease Chart

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