Brand awareness campaign drives effective engagement

The Challenge

A food and beverage products company was looking to increase the awareness of their brand/products to a younger demographic.

Key Facts

Ecommerce - Food & Beverage
Paid Social

The Solution

The bulk of the paid social budget was going to Facebook/Instagram, but only 15% of impressions were from the 18-44 age range. To fix this we:

Researched platforms to find where a younger demographic was spending the most time in relation to food & beverage.

Pivoted the bulk of the awareness budget to ads on Pinterest.

The Results

After shifting budget to Pinterest, we were able to increase the percentage of the younger demographic seeing and engaging with this food and beverage company’s products.

  • 42% of Impressions were from 18-44 age range
  • Ads drove a click-through rate (CTR) of 1.2%. The average CTR for the Meal Components industry on Pinterest is 0.24%.
Benchmark (0.24%)
Client CTR (1.2%)

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