In the always-evolving world of the web, content personalization has become a must. Customers have moved from viewing personalization as a nice touch to now expecting it. And why shouldn’t they? It makes sense that a consumer in Europe would expect something different than a consumer in the United States. Or a consumer in Minnesota might expect something different than one in Florida. Geolify is a geo targeting software that can help you do just that; it’s a fantastic tool for marketers looking to provide their website visitors with a more personalized experience. Because when the right people have a great experience on your website, everybody wins.

How does Geolify work?

An online SaaS (software as a service) platform, Geolify offers powerful location segmentation ability to its users. The software uses IP to location technology to acquire geolocation data from visitors to a particular site. Those visitors are then shown specific content based on each visitor’s location as predetermined by the user of the software. For example, one could set-up a geo bar to appear at the very top of the site promoting a new store opening in a specific market. Only the visitors with IP addresses from the market segmented in the software would see the new store geo bar. The geo bar, however, is just one of many features available with Geolify.

What else can I do with Geolify?

Other features within the Geolify software include pop-ups, dynamic placement of images and HTML, dynamic redirects and links, and dynamic JavaScript placement. Essentially, Geolify provides a pretty extensive feature list to allow for a wide array of personalization implementation techniques. The best part? You can use all of the features within Geolify for free. If you want to use it for free, Geolify will append their branding to any feature you use. To remove the branding, you can purchase page views in the following tiers:

  • $5 for 1,000
  • $25 for 10,000
  • $50 for 100,000
  • $100 for 500,000
  • $500 for 5,000,000

Is Geolify a good option for my business?

With an excellent list of features and seemingly simple and inexpensive price structure, why not try a tool like Geolify? The only ding on Geolify (and really any IP to location-based software) is in the accuracy of the locating. Currently, Geolify guarantees 99% accuracy at a country level, 85% at a state-regional level, and 75% at a city level. Additionally, mobile accuracy is never a guarantee due to smartphones using cell towers at times to acquire a connection. Even with these minor accuracy limitations, though, Geolify is an extremely easy-to-use, hassle-free software that can be set up very quickly and is relatively inexpensive. While it may not be a site-wide personalization tool, Geolify shines in smaller-scale implementation at critical spots on-site, making this software well worth a try for B2B and B2C companies alike.

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