Jeff heads up operations, account management, agency relations and is the chief bean-counter for NordicClick. He works primarily with NordicClick’s B2B clients and has developed deep expertise in lead generation, nurturing and scoring, as well as leading business intelligence and data visualization efforts for the company.

He started in direct marketing 22 years ago and moved into Internet marketing in 1996. He led marketing teams at Digital River, Agiliti, Carmichael Lynch and Ciceron prior to co-founding NordicClick. His brand experience covers a broad range including Porsche, Harley Davidson, American Standard, Gibson Guitars and US Bank.

Jeff, his wife Kari, and daughters Allie and Kate live in Victoria. When not at work, Jeff is, in a word, busy. He has served as a Volunteer Firefighter/EMT in Victoria since 2000. He also serves on the medical team, security team and teaches bible study at Westwood Church in Chanhassen. He is also on the Board of Directors for LoveINC and, in his spare time, he coaches his daughter’s soccer team.

1. What is your first memory of the Internet?
We had one desktop computer that 10 of us had to share at Fingerhut Corporation. Andy’s Garage was our first foray into the web. It was designed to get rid of junk no one would buy. We had a “Deal of the Day” and won a Top 10 web site award in 1997

2. What brings you serenity?
Traveling in the boundary waters sans technology. A paddle, a canoe, and endless water

3. What animal would you be?
Grizzly bear – impervious to weather, sleeps all winter, and eats a ton of salmon…yum

4. Favorite Cartoon Character?
Krusty Krab

5. Favorite travel location?
Somewhere cold

6. Favorite potluck dish?
Tater-tot hot dish of course! And, anything with bacon